Friday, August 2, 2013

Gary and Ivy's Wedding in Wonderland Suppliers' Rating Part 2

This post is loooong overdue. I took a makeup class and have been very busy everyday. I keep on finding excuses, and not time to complete our suppliers rating! :(

My suppliers for part 2 would be: 
Gown: Zalby Almoradie
Groom's Suit: Mang Pons Tailoring
Lights & Sounds: Rejectkrew
Projector: Balayan Projector
Photobooth: Celebrations! Photobooth

Gown: Zalby Almoradie
I'm clumsy and unlucky when I wear white. So on our wedding day, I was set on getting a colored gown. Since I have morena skin, I went for the color nude! Parang nakahubad lang. I wasn't too excited about beads, but I love tulle and ball gowns. Zalby is a co-bride and an ex-wawie who became one of my closest friends. We share the same love for Purpledish! Lagi kaming PG pag food tasting. She mentioned that she took classes in FIP, so I started sharing with her the designs I wanted for my gown, and she told me "Parang ang sarap gawin ng gown mo." 

A crazy thought entered my mind and I told her, "Go, I challenge you! Ikaw na gumawa gown ko!" :)

She had her apprehensions at first, given that my gown would only be her 2nd bridal gown. But we both took a leap of faith, I trusted her that she will do her best, and she designed and made my gown.


  • Friendly rate (can not be disclosed). I only paid for the materials + labor (she commissioned someone to do the petticoat)
  • I have 2 looks!
  • She will be there at the day of my wedding not only as a designer but also as my friend :)
  • Unlimited consultation, fitting, and chika
As she is my friend, I wouldn't list any cons here.:) I think she just needs to believe in herself and not be too afraid in doing what she loves because she's good at it.

On to the pictures:

First look - Sketch

First look - Actual

Second look - Sketch

Second look - Actual

Me wearing the gown



Groom's Suit: Mang Pons Tailoring
We were looking for cheap suppliers of suit. Mang Pons is a popular name online, so we went to Kamuning to have Gary's suit done.

  • Cheap, the whole package (suit, pants, bowtie, cummerbund, long-sleeves) costs Php5500 
  • Excellent fit for the suit
  • Excellent fit for the pants
  • He's quite disorganized, he smokes inside his tailoring shop and his table is so messy
  • The white long-sleeves is made of cheap-looking material and the fit is not good
  • The bowtie is tabingi
  • The buttons he used for the long-sleeves look cheap too :(
  • I think you get what you pay for :(
If you are willing to shell out extra money, go for Onesimus or other suppliers. Minsan lang rin naman ikakasal ang groom, so go to a trusted supplier na lang. Wouldn't recommend him to future grooms, especially if you're OC like my groom, unless you're really budget-constrained. OR you could still get the suit and pants from Mang Pons, since they both have excellent fit, but the inner shirt, you can get elsewhere :)

On to the pictures:

See how thin the fabric is. Nipis nya talaga, almost bakat na!

Cummerbund is so-so. Yung likod ng cummerbund is hindi matibay yung pagkakabit ng hooks

Nasa nagdadala na lang raw yun. :)

Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew
We booked Elmer of Rejectkrew way before the venue was decided upon. He is one of the top suppliers of w@w and his expertise is at par with waaay more expensive suppliers out there. A little bit of story here, I already paid the downpayment of 1000 and when I told him that we would move the venue to Tagaytay, he rejected me and said na I would get cheaper packages from Tagaytay-based L&S Suppliers. But I insisted on getting him because I know how important mood lighting is. He said that Rosemont is too steep and mahirapan raw truck nila. Sabi ko, I wouldn't trust my wedding to anybody else, because nga it's Alice in Wonderland themed, baka pag iba gumawa, magmukhang fiesta or pambata yung mood. He mentioned pa before na super excited sya sa wedding namin kasi napanaginipan nya raw ang lighting sa Alice in Wonderland. Kaya sabi ko "Sir Elmer, I know ikaw lang makakagawa ng wedding namin beautifully!" Drama much! From the original package rate of 8k, we paid additional 7k for OOT fee, and additional 5k for ceremony sounds setup. I haggled a bit. So may discount. The discount we gave na lang as tips to his team.

  • Galing nila! They came early, and hindi na nila pinasok truck, I saw his team carrying the speakers, equipment, down the steep slope of Rosemont. Nakakaawa nga e. Hindi ko kaya maglakad dun even if walang buhat, pano pa kaya pag may buhat. Must be a pain!
  • I love the lights setup. Suited our theme perfectly!
  • My dad said ganda raw ng choice of music and the sounds as well. He is a frequent wedding-attender (he's a pastor and officiating minister) so he knows kung ano ang magaganda at chaka music. No mushy music, no inappropriate lyrics. 
  • Discounted rate pa kami! We paid only 18k for ceremony and reception L&S.
  • All brides can attest that he is hard to contact. My tip is call him around 10pm-12mn. :p
On to the pictures:

Projector: Balayan Projector
This is a last-minute booking since we can't find any Tagaytay-based suppliers that offer projector rental only.  

  • Easy transaction, and affordable rates.
  • The projector and screen is perfect for the size of our reception venue

Photobooth: Celebrations! Photobooth
We got this as a gift from our Ninong Joel and Ninang Edna who owns Celebrations! Photobooth. Tito Joel is the photographer. 

  • I was surprised that there was no stop time (I don't know if this is just inaanak privilege)! 
  • We love the quality of the paper, di nagf-fade and the colors are vibrant
  • I just sent him the photoshop file of our customized template and he edited it to make sure the photos are big enough.
  • Affordable rates (but we got the package as a gift), 5500 for 3 hours!
Sample pictures: 

Ninong Joel and Ninang Edna Tolosa



  1. Hi. We're also planning to book rosemont for the ceremony and reception. We havent checked the place yet because of the heavy rain today and then we need to fly back to Singapore tomorrow. :(

    Just want to ask your revie of the venue. Ok ba sya?

  2. Where can i read the continuation of ur blog?